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An SACHI home inspection agency is your best choice to benefit from your hard work and determination.


Breaking News!

Parliament signs Property Practitioners ACT. The EAAB insists on property inspections on all property sales.

Economists expect 50,000 new jobs created in the next 2 years

South African Association of Home Inspectors

Whether you have technical, admin or sales experience, in less than 12 weeks you could be a professional SACHI Consultant, positioned to generate revenues, in proportion to your efforts, controlling your time and owning your future.

Be your own boss

If you start up your own business, the only person you have to answer to is yourself. Being your own boss gives you the freedom to do things your way and implement your own plans.

Follow your passion

The good thing about being an entrepreneur is that you choose what kind of firm you start up, and where, you can turn a hobby or interest into a profitable enterprise.

Get creative

Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to express yourself and develop your concept in any way you choose.

Enjoy the profits

Although the start-up process can be tough, with long hours and little money not uncommon, if you run your business well, the rewards can be huge.

Start a second career

Of course, if you don’t fancy giving up a regular income, you can always get the best of both worlds and stay as an employee while running your own business.

Cut the commute

As well as providing familiar, comfortable surroundings to work in, if you are based at home you do not have to endure the daily tangle with public transport or clogged up roads.

SACHI business opportunity 6 point assurance

By investing in an SACHI business opportunity, you can successfully enter the exciting industry of home inspections where your skills are valuable and you can set your own hours.

Gain Confidence

The SACHI business opportunity allows you to gain greater control over your time and your income; you can start part time, gain confidence and even operate your business from home.

Sense of Independence

The SACHI business opportunity allows you to be in business for yourself with a sense of independence, without having to go it alone or try to reinvent the wheel.

Power of Association

The SACHI business opportunity will equip you with the knowledge to get your new business up and running and on a successful track.

Inevitable Opportunity

The SACHI business opportunity has arisen from the South African legislative environment in respect to the Consumer Protection Act. SACHI is focused on the growing demand for home inspections.

Reduced Risk

The SACHI business opportunity appeals to first time entrepreneurs looking for a simple home based business without the risks associated with a traditional start up franchise business.

Keeping it Simple

The SACHI business opportunity is reliant on your communication skills, methodical approach and our Apex software; irrespective of background you can learn how to build this business.

Breaking News!

Parliament signs Property Practitioners ACT. The EAAB insists on property inspections on all property sales.

Economists expect 50,000 new jobs created in the next 2 years

Who we are

SACHI help South African Property Buyers avoid the painful lesson of hind sight; whether buying, building or investing, for Peace of Mind, Financial Protection and delivering a Valuable Negotiating Tool, obtaining a Property Inspection Report from an unbiased 3rd party is a must for anyone wishing to make an intelligent decision based on all the facts. At South African Association of Home Inspectors, “we inspect what you expect”. Our growing national network provide an informed consultation with regards to the vital signs of a property, ahead of what must be seen as inevitable changes in the consumer protection act.

We are good at


Consumer Protection Act

Purchasing a home is an emotional process, in our enthusiasm, lack of knowledge or misplaced trust we find ourselves spending more money than expected on unjustified costly repairs or wasting time and energy on drawn out litigation. Estate agents, developers, landlords or builders will no longer be able to take refuge behind signed legal papers and the “Verstoots clause”.

Estate agents can be held liable for any action which on later investigation could be characterised as dishonest, unfair or misleading in respect to the promotion and sale of a property.

The seller and agent may not withhold any aspects of the property which could be deemed of low or defective quality and/or of questionable value in terms of the price paid.

Any Contracts or documentation which could be deemed difficult to understand or insufficiently explanatory can be determined as void in respect to the sale agreement.

If any latent defects become apparent in the home within six months of its being transferred to the new owner, the seller will, in terms of the new Act, have to remedy them or pay compensation.

What we do

We Consult

Irrespective of the Clients motivation, buying, investing or selling a property, we need to understand the job the report is hired to do whilst maintaining a single point of contact and accountability throughout the project.

We Inspect

A Property Inspection is a Detailed and Systematic Visual Inspection of the Property, its Structures, Design and Fixtures. that will provide a Transparent Understanding of the Property's 'Vital Signs'.

We Report

Using Apex software we provide a simple but detailed SACHI report that will provide a Transparent Understanding of the Property's 'Vital Signs' on date of inspection.

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Our model is based on one inspector working from a simple home office developing a business part time or full time, generating 4-5 inspections per week at a recommended rate of R3750.00 per inspection ex vat, adhering to the SACHI success principles.










Due to the nature of this business, the Agency will not be required to have commercial premises initially, and thus the Agency will be entitled to operate this business from a home office.

The Agency holder will require:
  • Simple Home Office
  • Basic Inspection equipment
  • Dedicated Telephone Line
  • Answering Machine
  • Suitable Branded Vehicle
  • ADSL Internet Access
Agency Selection Criteria
  • Self Starter
  • Sales Skills
  • Methodical
  • Observant
  • Positive Mindset
  • Basic Computer Skills

SACHI is a Business Opportunity based in Cape Town

SACHI is a Business Opportunity based in Cape Town, focused on providing entrepreneurs an Opportunity to be in business for themselves but not buy themselves. As a Franchise Business model /Opportunity we focus on driving Opportunity which not only offers a Business but a system which allows for growth and development, in what we believe to be one of the most exciting Business sectors in south Africa. Various Business Opportunities in south Africa are supported by initiatives which sometimes lack the leadership required to manage a successful outcome, however we believe that the SACHI Franchise Business Opportunity manages those expectations. If you Live in Cape Town, Gauteng or KZN and are looking for a Business/Franchise Opportunity, perhaps we should be talking.

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